Introduction to cloud computing

Introduction to cloud computing
The computer system has many functions. Are not limited in the scope of the computer but can also be connected to each other with two or more computers to Exchange data and information. When this relationship is now one computer with another computer wont to do with cloud-based system called cloud computing. Cloud computing is used in a variety of industries and also a Government that requires data processing on a large scale. Cloud computing makes it possible to share the work so as not to limit the distance and time. 

Simple process in cloud computing i.e. the relations of two or more computers so that it can happen the Division of data and information. To create a network server computers required and cloud service providers that provide access to the server computer. Data stored in the server  a way that can be processed on request by the client. 

Some devices must be prepared to build a cloud computing is the computer front end, back end, computer and liaison between the two. Front end computer is a computer that functions as a client can be a PC, Netbook, Notebook, laptop and more. Front end computers have different specifications in accordance with their functions. The computer is a server Back End into a data center that is usually stored in large shelves. In general the computer back end must have high specifications in order to provide the service against the thousands of requests from the client computer.

Liaison between the computer and the front end back end is a service that can be either a LAN or the Internet provider that provides computer access back end and front end so it can be connected to each other. 

In the modern era of cloud computing has many benefits including adding storage we no longer need to purchase enough physical storage device by storing data in the cloud storage service then your data will be stored securely and can be accessible anytime.  By storing data in the cloud storage we need not be anxious again will damage both from natural disasters, the loss of the storage device, and theft. 

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Thus a brief introduction about cloud computing. May be beneficial.