Computer Network

Computer Network
Computer Network
Get to know the computer network

A stand-alone computer has limitations in the process of processing data and information so that there is a need to connect computers to each other connected to each other and can process data and information together. The concept of computer relations is the implementation of computer networks. Computer network is a system consisting of two or more computers that are connected to each other through transmission media or communication media so that they can share data, applications and share computer hardware.

Computer networks have very broad benefits so they are often utilized and implemented in various businesses and needs. Some of the benefits of computer networks are as follows:

With computer networks, we can access files that we have as well as other people's files that have been disseminated through a network, such as the internet network. Through a computer network, we can make the process of sending data quickly and efficiently.Computer networks help someone to get in touch with other people from various countries easily.

In addition, users can also send text, images, audio, or video in real time with the help of computer networks.We can access news or information very easily through the internet because the internet is one example of computer networks. For example, in an office requires a printer, we do not need to buy a number of printers with a computer that is in the office. We only need to buy one printer to be used by all office employees with the help of computer networks.

computer network

Computer networks have specifications and roles - each of which can be divided into several types as follows.

1. LAN
Local Area Network or often abbreviated as LAN is a network that only covers a small area, such as an internet cafe, office, or school. Generally the LAN network area is not far from 1 sq. Km. Usually LAN networks use IEEE 802.3 Ethernet technology which has data transfer speeds of around 10, 100, even 1000 MB / s. Besides using Ethernet technology, not a few also use wireless technology such as Wi-fi for LAN networks.

2. MAN
Metropolitan Area Network or MAN is a network that covers a city with high data transfer speeds. You could say, MAN network is a combination of several LAN networks. Jangakauan of MAN networks ranges from 10-50 km. MAN only has one or two cables and is not equipped with a switching element that functions to make the design simpler.

3. WAN
Wide Area Network or WAN is a network that covers a wide geographical area, such as a country and even continents. WAN is generally used to connect two or more local networks so that users can communicate with other users even though they are in different locations.

A more detailed explanation of each computer network will be discussed in the next post. Thus the introduction of computer networks, hopefully can be useful.